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Energy Wellness Center

We are passionate about living healthy, happy, and prosperous lives! The Energy Wellness Center is dedicated to helping individuals experience life changing breakthroughs and fundamental core improvement on a cellular level as well as mind and spirit. We offer powerful tools that can easily, and quickly, enhance & change your life forever! We help provide a balance of the physical, mental & emotional body!
Quantum Reflex Analysis
Quantum Reflex Analyasis
Biofield Testing
Ionized Water​
Fitbody Infrared Heat Wraps
Health Bio Scans
I- Packs (Mud)
Emotinal  Healing
Chakra  balancing

Proud distributors of some of the finest
products & Services 

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    Garden of Life
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    NewWave Technology
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    Dr. Mercola
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    Fit BodyWrap
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    Premier Research Labs
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    EXMI technology
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    Gem Stones